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South Peel's building has recently undergone a renovation.  Changes were made to both the interior and exterior and were planned with our clients and patients in mind.  When we renovated we were very conscious of our 'carbon footprint' and we attempted to decrease our environmental impact.

The first noticeable change has been to the facade.  With many clients parking in our rear parking lot we realised that on rainy and snowy days it can seem like a long hike to the entrance so we decided to cover the walkway to protect our clients from the elements.  Also, the sidewalk is gently sloped so that any client in a wheelchair never encounters an obstacle between the parking lot and the entry to the building.  A gentle slope has also been added from the front parking lot to the front porch to accommodate our clients who have difficulty with steps. 

We hope these changes will enhance yours and your pet's visit to our facility.